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Ever wonder how your Octane Seating will be packaged at delivery? What about the setup of your new seating? Will you need to assemble your new furniture or is the product fully assembled? All the answers to these questions are shown here in this short 3-minute setup. Discover exactly how to remove your seats from their packaging, the basic setup required and getting them ready for years of fun and enjoyment.

How will my theater seating be packaged at delivery? All Octane seats will be fully cartoned and wrapped (inside the carton) so that your chairs can ship fast and be well protected. Once you have the box in the room of choice open the top of the box and then carefully push the box onto its side. The seating can then easily be pulled out from the box inside of its protective bag. Remove the bag and lift up the seat back from the base. The seat back can then be attached to the two exterior seat base clips in the base by simply aligning those connectors with the brackets on the back and sliding them together. This entire process should take no longer than a few minutes and does not require any tools.

Once the back is securely attached, locate the owners manual attached to the top of the seat back and carefully cut the tag that attaches to your furniture. You can then store your manual for later reference and warranty purposes. Included in the owners manual packaging will be chair leg caps that will prevent the seats from sliding that you may want to add to the legs.

One additional procedure shown in this video that is particular to this seat is the attachment of the power headrest cable. If you have purchased one of the theater seats with a power headrest mechanism then you will need to connect the power cable from the base of the seating to the dongle that hangs from the seat back. This needs to be done before you connect the actual seat back to the base. This cable allows for the headrest to move back and forth via the controls on the armrests.

Our standard delivery is termed a ‘threshold delivery’ which means the furniture will be placed in the cartons at the first dry location at your address. This can be the front door or garage. White glove delivery will bring the boxes into your room of choice where they can then be unboxed by the delivery team and set up for use. There is actually a third delivery type called ‘Room of Choice’ which means the boxes will be brought into the house and placed into the room of choice but they will not be unboxed and set up. Please confirm with your invoice or retailer which option you selected at the time of sale so that you can prepare accordingly for the delivery.

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