The Octane Difference

We understand how important it is to provide an incredible viewing and seating experience for your customers. We will provide a best of class seating solution that will put your venue ahead of the competition. We offer the largest selection of VIP models in the industry, all with fully customizable options. Our team will provide comprehensive hands-on assistance with the design, planning, manufacturing, installation and after-sales maintenance. Our seats are designed to enhance your profitability, bring in repeat customers, and set you up for success.



Luxury doesn’t have to be above your budget. We offer a fair approach to pricing, provide a quality, durable, and comfortable product, while ensuring your complete satisfaction.



Select from over 30 models with designs that have been time tested and approved. Each model can be further customized to your exact needs and specifications.



Our frames are constructed using thick kiln-dried plywood and solid steel. Our German motor system is incredibly quiet and smooth. Our recline mechanism is built to last, specifically engineered for heavy traffic venues.



Our seats include soothing gel infused memory foam, individual pocketed coils for incredible comfort, and many other premium components to ensure your guests are comfortable while reclined for hours on end.

motor headrest


Your guests can enjoy power headrests, power lumbar support, LED lighting options, USB ports, swivel tray tables, service call buttons, large cupholders, and many other items. The options are endless.


Easy Maintenance

Our engineers have a clear mission – create functional seats. They’re extremely simple to set up, clean, maintain, and service over time. Features include removable upholstery covers, lift up seats for cleaning, and an incredible modular construction.

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Octane Warranty

We take great pride in the way we manufacture our furniture with our expert craftsmen paying keen attention to every detail. We’ve backed up the quality of our products with a comprehensive industry leading warranty to make you even more comfortable with your decision to purchase Octane Seating products.

VIP Construction

We don’t just make ordinary seats, we make Octane seats. Our movie loungers are designed to last and impress. Don’t just take our word for it – our methods, systems, and components tell our story.

Motorized Headrest
The headrest articulates back and forward using the buttons on the power switch to achieve the perfect viewing position.
Motorized Lumbar System
At the touch of a button, automatically achieve optimal lower lumbar support for muscle relief & overall body wellness.
German Motors
Best in class motors that are quiet and smooth for the ultimate in power recline.
ADA Accessible Seats
Our models offer optional lift up end arms that are specifically designed for ADA accessibility.
Upholstery Options
We offer a large selection of color and upholstery options to satisfy your specific design requirements.
Sloped Floors
Our adjustable frames accomodate venues that feature both flat and sloped floors.
Gel Infused Memory Foam
A soothing layer of cooling gel memory foam ensures the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Premium High Density & Resiliency Foam
To ensure longevity our premium foam will provide incredible durability and overall body comfort.
Individual Pocketed Coils
Placed inside the seat core, our seats will never lose their shape and provide the ultimate comfort story.
Solid Steel & Kiln-Dried Plywood Frame
With a combination of metal and kiln-dried plywood our frames are made to outlast the competition.
Removable Pads and Covers
Easily replace damaged covers or pads without having to replace the entire chair. Economical and hassle-free.
Easy Maintenance & Installation
Our modular construction enables you to set up, maintain, service, and care for the seats with minimal cost and effort.

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Accessorize Your Seats

Octane ensures your guests are not only comfortable, but surrounded by features that makes them feel at home. Large tray tables, cupholders and service buttons will maximize your concession revenues.

Stainless Steel Cupholders
Heavy duty large stainless steel cupholders discreetly attached with two screws.
Fixed Swivel Tables
Optional fixed swivel tables in several styles, perfect for all concession items.
Aisle Path Lighting
Soft LED pathway lighting located on the aisle side arms.
Service Call Button
Custom service call button options available for dine-in theaters.
Seat & Row Identifiers
Identifiers offered in several styles with and without LED lights.
Lift Up Arms
Middle flip up arm available for loveseat layouts without sacrficing seat width.
USB Power Switch
Our power switch includes a USB port so guests can charge their electronics.
Multi-Chair Open Close System
Enables efficient and quick prep & cleaning for mutliple chairs at once.
LED Lighting Options
LED lighted cupholders and baserail can be added for a truly unique experience.
Wooden Arm Cap
An optional wood laminate arm cap can be added to the top of all arms.
Easy Maintenance

Time is of the essence to clean up and prep between shows. Having a pristine environment is not only expected, but makes a lasting impression with your guests. You need a solution that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

flip up seat

Flip Up Seat

Simply lift up the seat cushion for quick and easy cleaning & vacuuming under the chair. No tools necessary.

quick repairs

Quick Repairs

All electrical wiring is located in the arms. Lift up the arm cap by removing two screws, easily accessing and quickly fixing any electrical issues.

removable covers

Removable Covers

Quickly remove upholstery covers or replace padding with our easy Velcro™ system. This ensure your seats will always feel and look their best at a minimal cost.

Easy Installation

Our seats are purposely designed so that setup is a breeze. The modular nature of our seats makes installation simple and quick. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure all your questions are answered.

When the boxes arrive, they’ll be labelled showing which seats belong where without wasting time. You’ll know what is included so that you can start installation immediately.

easy installation

Our upholstery collection was hand picked to serve three main goals: durability, quality and beauty. We understand the need to offer a solution to meet your decor requirements and last for years to come.


Core Fabrics

Our core collection is perfect for heavy duty use venues and is fully antimicrobial, incorporating silver based ion technology. Made of 100% polyurethane and PVC free with a durability that exceeds 200,000 abrasion test cycles, meaning it will outlast the competition.


Rainbow of Colors

Available in a large palette of colors to match your desired decor. The colors are modern, fresh and inviting. Offered with a slightly pebbled grain finish and a subtle delicate sheen that has the feel, texture and appearance of high end leather.


Top Grain Leather

Our leathers are offered in many colors and are very thick, supple, and luxurious. They provide a very soft hand and drape, excellent for commercial theater environments where you expect nothing but the best.

customer fabric

Customer Own Material / Leather (COM / COL)

Do you require something specific or unique? Not a problem. We can accomodate your needs. Our team will ensure your fabric or leather is suitable for your application and collaborate with your suppliers.


The Details

Once we understand your requirements we can assist in the procurement and logistics to get your upholstery to our factory. We’ll let you know the required yardage and other requests to meet your goals.

Power Headrest (HR) Series

This series features dual independent motors – a power headrest and power recline. Your audience will enjoy supportive relief for any head and neck stress, along with achieving that perfect viewing angle when reclined to their desired position.


Contour HR Series


Curve HR Series


Dream HR Series


Flash HR Series


Flex HR Series


Grand HR Series


Mega HR Series


Pillow HR Series


Wave HR Series

Power Headrest & Lumbar (LHR) Series

The LHR Series features three independent motors – a power lumbar system, power headrest, and power recline. These models provide pure total body wellness & relaxation by relieving muscle fatigue along the lower lumbar, head and neck areas. VIP seating at its best!


Azure LHR Series


Continental LHR Series


Strata LHR Series


Zone LHR Series

Signature Series

This Series offers a large selection of impressively styled full sized, standard and space saving models all designed for a premium viewing experience. Features include taller seat backs and overall body comfort, with custom options and a large selection of seating accessories.


Accelerator Series


Blaze Series


Bolt Series


Boost Series



Charger Series


Cloud Series


Diesel Series


Dynamo Series


Edge Series



Nitro Series



Regal Series


Revolution Series


Sonic Series


Stallion Series


Stealth Series


Storm Series


Turbo Series


Viper Series

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