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Creating the perfect sound system can be an expensive endeavor and speakers are integral if not one of the most important components an audiophile needs to achieve the ultimate in sound. If money is no object, the possibilities are endless. Here are 35 of the most expensive speakers in the world today.

Sorted in the descending order i.e. from least to most expensive.

#35 Wisdom Audio LS4s Speakers


Image Source: Wisdom Audio

If you want heavy duty on-wall speakers that can deliver the clarity of sound like you have never heard before, look no further than the Wisdom Audio LS4s Speakers. These innovative sound systems speakers can be compared with some of the best of the best on-wall speakers out there, and you get not one but two speakers for a total of $80,000. Its sleek design resembles that of an air purifier, allowing it to fit cleanly into any space of your home without clashing with the existing decor.

#34 Acapella Arts Audio Apollon


Image Source: Acapella Arts

With its sleek, modern design and its slim housing, the Acapella Arts Audio Apollon is the perfect floor to ceiling speaker for any contemporary home. A price of $133,000 gets you an ultra-powerful, robust-sounding home speakers with good bass that lets you make adjustments on the midrange horn and the ion tweeter to fill any environment, no matter what the acoustics are like. The modern design of the midrange, spherical horn brings the sound at 350Hz to 6kHz, creating a wall of sound that covers more than four octaves. It comes complete with six bass drivers.

#33 Acapella Arts Audio Poseidon


Image Source: Acapella Arts

Delivering your audience impeccable sound that can give them the shrill highs and booming lows needed for a full live music experience is simple to do with the Acapella Arts Audio Poseydon. This speaker brings the sound, from the vibration of the bass to the most delicate of the pianissimo. This speaker, for $156,000, is excellent for smaller venues and residential areas and will fill the space with remarkable and mind-blowing sound.

#32 Sonus Faber Fenice


Italian design is known for its luxurious nature. These designs aren’t only reserved for fashion and fine leather–they extend even to this instance of robust speakers. The Sonus Faber Fenice speakers feature a traditional design that is composed of both a stark black hue and classic woodgrain, making for a handsome choice of sound equipment that can be used for any indoor or outdoor living space which needs a musical renovation.

#31 Wilson Audio XLF Loudspeakers


Image Source: Wilson Audio

You live in a sophisticated modern home and know that not just anything can fit into your unique decor–even when it comes to your media center. The Wilson Audio XLF Loudspeakers are sleek, uniquely shaped high-end audio speakers that can deliver truly lifelike sound for $200,000 a pair, no matter where you put them. Their design fits into any contemporary space and features speaker placement designed to optimize the music that comes out of them for your listening pleasure.

#30 Raidho D5.1


Image Source: Raidho

The Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 is the ultimate 3-way radio experience that is powerful and loud without taking up as much room as you may think. It features two dedicated 115 millimeter Diamond mid-range drivers along with four 8 inch Diamond bass drivers to keep the sound flowing, no matter the song. Get truly immersed in your music and feel the bass like never before while hearing the midis come through in a crisp, clear way.

#29 Acapella Arts Audio Triolon


Image Source: Acapella Arts

Perhaps the best part of the Acapella Triolon speakers is the incredibly dynamic range that they possess. At a price of only $240,000, these top home theater speakers feature a small amplifier with a 15W channel, perfect for that top quality reproduction of sound that you crave. Four swift bass units in each channel deliver the perfect reverberation through their spherical horns that are designed to truly make you feel each song that you listen to.

#28 Hansen Audio Grand Master


Image Source: Hansen Audio

Bottle shaped and beautiful, these $240,000 Hansen Audio Grand Master speakers feature 10 impressive drivers that give you everything you could hope for from a set of speakers. The floor standing 3-way speaker uses Hansen Audio’s specially assembled drivers, including the four mid band and the four woofers that have been designed by hand to work in harmony with the two high precision tweeters. Completely neutral in sound, there is no sonic signature that is going to come from these large stereo speakers.

#27 Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS


Image Source: Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS outperforming many other speakers at the $249,000 price point, the Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS gives the listener an immersive experience, whether you are listening to your favorite album or enjoying your favorite film. They feature boundary woofers and floor to ceiling stackable speakers that are excellent for home theaters with elevated seats as they are excellent at reducing echo, especially in a spacious area. Disperse volume evenly and cleanly with the Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS.

#26 Kyron Audio Gaia


Image Source: Kyron Audio

Stripped down to the bare minimum, the Kyron Audio Gaia is a sleek and industrial looking speaker that packs a punch just as powerful and memorable as its design. At a price of $250,000, these speakers have been seven years in the making, and feature a preamplifier, custom dipole outputs, digital signal processing, room correction that manages any space and all of this works under the latest loudspeaker driver technology to provide unmatched sound.

#25 Focal Grande Utopia BE


Image Source: Focal

Modern and striking, the Focal Grande Utopia BE provides you with bass in a loudspeaker the likes of which you have never experienced. This speaker set is French-made and takes advantage of a pure Beryllium tweeter alongside W cones that push out the sound with sensational power. Perfect for sound producers, recording engineers and everyday audiophiles who just want good sound, the Focal Grande Utopia BE will cost you only $269,000 per pair.

#24 Nola Audio Grand Regerence VI Gold


Image Source: Nola Speakers

The Grand Regerence VI Gold is a huge upgrade from Nola Audio’s flagship speaker. These speakers combine a number of unique elements that have been improved upon from previous versions to change the way you listen to music for the better. The drivers of the Grand Regerence VI Gold are abundant, with 54 of the highest quality transducers to be found. These striking and robust speakers can be yours for $298,000 a pair.

#23 Goldmund Epilogue Speakers


Stylish, sophisticated and incredibly powerful, the Goldmund Epilogue Speakers have been around since the late 1980s, and ever since their inception, they have been improving upon them consistently. At $300,000, these ultra modern speakers have a sleek, contemporary look that not only can provide unmatched sound to any home, but they can also serve your space as a beautiful piece of home decor when they are and are not in use.

#22 Acapella Arts Audio Sphaeron Excalibur


Image Source: Acapella Arts

Made in the style of the classic Sphaeron, the Acapella Arts Audio Sphaeron Excalibur can transmit even the lowest of frequencies to your living space. Massive pillars tower above your furniture and feature two large 15 inch woofers as a part of each unit in the $322,000 pair. The music is pulsed out with a three dimensional feel, providing you with the softest of pianissimo and the most robust of fortissimo, letting you go along wherever the music takes you.

#21 Adam Audio Olympus Sound System


Standing at a monstrous, towering seven feet tall and boasting a robust weight of over 350 pounds, the pair of Adam Audio Olympus Sound System speakers is one for the books. A high-end German product, this sound system is perfectly suitable for both consumer and professional markets. The sound that these impressive speakers produce is just as hard to miss as the mammoth size of these beasts, and they are just as visually appealing as they are appealing to listen to.

#20 Verity Audio Monsalvat


Typically recognized as one of the better sounding speakers at shows like the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show, the Verity Audio Monsalvat are worth every bit of their $325,000 per pair price point. Comparatively slender in nature, the Verity Audio Monsalvat can fit into virtually any space, no matter how small, and provide you with the utmost of sound, the likes of which you won’t find in speakers that are anywhere near as stylish as these.

#19 FM Acoustics Inspiration XS-1


If you are looking for a pair of speakers that can provide concert-quality sound and give you that concert-quality visual aesthetic as well, look no further than the FM Acoustics Inspiration XS-1 speakers. Coming in at a price of $350,000, these 8 Ohm speakers can deliver impeccable sound thanks to its FM Acoustics amplifiers that are specially made for this sound system. With no sound signature to speak of, the only thing you’ll hear are your tunes.

#18 Burkhardtsmaier BB-08


The Burkhardtsmaier BB-08 is made for those who want pure sound above anything else. If you are picky about the way your music is reproduced like most audiophiles are, you won’t have any issue with the $356,000 price point. These speakers deliver efficiency that goes far and beyond 90 decibels with additional noise less than 0.1 percent. German made, you can be sure of the top quality of these seriously impressive units.

#17 Genesis Prime Dragon


Image Source: Genesis Loud Speakers

For the lover of music who refuses to compromise when it comes to the quality of their music reproduction, the Genesis Prime Dragon is here. Thirty years in the making while adding constant improvements along the way, the Genesis Prime Dragon is the best that it has ever been, taking advantage of reference-level dipole loudspeaker system designs reminiscent of the Genesis I produced in 1993. Priced at $360,000, these speakers even have military-grade aerospace internal wiring.

#16 DynamKKs Ultima


Image Source: Dynamikks

Coming in at a price of $365,000, the DynamKKs Ultima German-made speakers are innovative and robust, using point-source cardiod dipole horns to bring only the purest clarity to your music. Independent horn loudspeakers deliver limitless sound, and though the classic design is made into a huge towering set, there are other options available to better suit your spatial needs, no matter if you need them in your living room or in the home theater.

#15 Marten Coltrane Supreme 2


Image Source: Marten

Housed inside of 27-millimeter thick carbon fiber laminate cabinets, the Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 speakers are as durable as they are powerful. This set, going for $400,000 a pair, features one, 20-millimeter diamond tweeter, one, 8-inch aluminum laminated sandwich mid-bass driver, six, eight-inch aluminium laminated sandwich low-bass drivers, a five-inch ceramic mid range unit, and one, 51-millimeter lower treble diamond tweeter to bring you the sound you dream of.

#14 Kharma Enigma Veyron EV-2


Image Source: Kharma

Just like with any other form of art, the creator holds an image of what they want the final product to become, and with this artful Kharma Enigma Veyron EV-2, the creative process is no different. With over 30 years of manufacruring and design experience, combined with only the highest quality materials and true technological insight, you can bring home with you some of the best speakers out there for $437,000 a pair.

#13 Final Audio Opus 204


With its likeness being flaunted at the prestigious 2013 Munich High End Show, you know that the Final Audio Opus 204 speakers are worth their salt. Sitting at a price point of $450,000, the Final Audio Opus 204 are Japanese made and use sand filled, super thin cones made from aluminum to provide clear and robust sound that sacrifices nothing in the way of giving you concert-quality sound, perfect for any application.

#12 California Audio Technology Elite Speakers


For those who need high performance speakers that can be installed into any cabinet or wall, or even stand alone, the California Audio Technology Elite Speakers are for you. The California Audio Technology Elite Speakers feature their proprietary drivers that come with powerful neodymium magnets, copper phase plugs and curvilinear aluminum driver cones that provide the backbone for unmatched sound in these $500,000 speakers. Bi amps and tri amps push the sound out behind each loudspeaker.

#11 Backes & Muller BM 100


Image Source: Backes & Muller

Towering, beautiful and impressively robust in nature, the Backes & Muller BM 100 are seven feet, six inches in height, providing you with sound so powerful, yet so clear that you will find yourself wondering if you are listening to a live concert or simply enjoying your speakers. The most impressive aspect of these $500,000 Backes & Muller BM 100 speakers is the large mid-range horn which is a remarkable 2.3 meters high.

#10 HigherFi Audio Titan 2


Image Source: Higher Fi

Ultra futuristic in both style and design, the HigherFi Audio Titan 2 is a force to be reckoned with. Ultra versatile, you can choose from speakers that range anywhere between 20Hz to 40kHz. They come in at 92 decibels and weigh a mammoth size of 1,800 pounds, providing you with peace of mind that these durable speakers will outlast many uses and can provide the perfect level of sound that your venue needs.

#9 Tidal La Assoluta


Image Source: La Assoluta

Coming in at $550,000, the Tidal La Assoluta is often called the perfect speaker. With this Tidal La Assoluta speaker set, you get incredible durability on top of impeccable sound delivered to you through its four symmetrical bass drivers in push-push configuration that are aligned perfectly surrounding the high-midi heart. A 30-millimeter diamond tweeter and pure silver capacitors round off these remarkable speakers that can give you what you need and then some.

#8 Perfect 8 Force


Image Source: Perfect 8

The Perfect 8 Force is a state of the art system that produces a sound as big as the unit itself is. Towering over everything at six feet seven inches, the Perfect 8 Force weighs in at approximately 200 kilograms and will hold its own in any venue. Producing impressive sound, this speaker is made of two gold towers and two glass towers that hold four subwoofers with 12-inch custom dual modified drivers.

#7 Magico Ultimate III Loudspeakers


Image Source: Magico

Sitting at a price point of $600,000, the Magico Ultimate III Loudspeakers are horn-driven speakers that are tall and towering, providing visual aesthetics that are just as magnificent as the sound they produce. Just looking at them tells you all that you need to know with the Magico Ultimate III Loudspeakers’ size being about as large as a Fiat 500 considering they measure in at eight feel tall and weighing 1,000 pounds.

#6 Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic


Image Source: Wilson Audio

Perhaps the most accurate time-domain loudspeaker in the expansive history of Wilson audio systems, the Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic has remarkably powerful drivers and an adjustability that is accurate down to five millionths of a second no matter the installation which is truly the stuff of dreams. Never before will you hear such loyal sound being produced than you will with the Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic at your service.

#5 Wisdom Audio Infinite Wisdom Grande


The Wisdom Audio Infinite Wisdom Grande is a triple stacked three section speaker that is over 13 feet tall and is suitable for any palace, ballroom, great hall or multi-level home. Coming in at $700,000, these units weigh around two tons and produce unprecedented levels of sound up to 120 decibels. With an abundance of transducers, distortion levels are low so that your music comes out sounding exactly as it was meant to.

#4 Ceasaro Horn Acoustics Omega 1 with Bass Horns


Image Source: Cessaro Horn Acoustics

Topping out at $1 million, the Ceasaro Horn Acoustics Omega 1 with Bass Horns will have you wondering if you just purchased exquisite, ultra luxurious speakers or a fine sculpture. Once you hear its fantastic sound, you won’t have to wonder for long. The beautiful transducers promote sound that can fill absolutely any space and look incredible while doing so. Perfect for any large space or multilevel home, you can be sure your music is crystal clear with the Ceasaro Horn Acoustics Omega 1 with Bass Horns.

#3 Kharma Grand


Image Source: Kharma

Made from a high end Dutch manufacturer, the Kharma Grand is a luxurious sound system that has said to be designed in a massive cellar to ensure total concentration while perfecting its performance and its body. Sitting at a price point of $1 million, only 25 pairs of these wonderfully robust speakers will ever be made, so grab this speaker that will be unique to only you and be set for life.

#2 HigherFi Audio Opulence


Image Source: Higher Fi

Only 10 pairs of the prestigious HigherFi Audio Opulence speakers have ever been produced, and at a price point of $1 million dollars, you can be the proud owner of this exclusive sound system. The music is said to be independent of the included drivers and seems to touch the users brain, completely skipping their ears, with the high quality sound that it produces, one that the listener can simply feel and experience rather than simply hear.

#1 Transmission Audio Ultimate


Image Source: Transmission Audio

The Transmission Audio Ultimate uses 40 subwoofer cones that are lined up in a grid formation in order to produce frequencies that are so low and distortion so limited that it can’t even be measured. This “no compromise” speaker rings in at $1 million and uses small, yet powerful neodynium magnets inside of its 2 meter high body. The thin metal ribbon inside is responsible for the impressive sound that the Transmission Audio Ultimate creates.