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Flex HR Series


In Stock & Ready to Ship

With more than 12,000 seats and over 35 models stocked at any point in time, we look forward to shipping your furniture right away. Our goal is to sweep you off your feet as fast as possible so you can start lounging in comfort.

With over 4,000 seats and dozens of models stocked in our warehouses, it’s our mission to ship fast.

Our goal is to sweep you off your feet and get you lounging in comfort.

octane flash with motor headrest

Best Selling Models

Our top home theater seating models are in stock and ready to ship.

Choice & Selection

Black or brown, straight or curved, power or manual recline – we’ve got you covered!

Fast Secure Shipping

Specialized furniture carriers will safely and securely ship directly to your home or business.

Charger XS300

Charger XS300

My OctaneTM Colors

My Octane™ combines custom order selection with everyday affordability. All of our models can be made to order to your exact specifications, including your choice of leathers and fabrics, in a beautiful selection of fashion forward colors.

My Octane™ gives you a rainbow of colors, leathers, and fabrics to meet your needs.

Octane Seating Contour in Leather Colors

Affordable Selection

We give you all the options without breaking the bank.

Leathers & Fabrics

Italian leathers, bonded leather, leather gel, and microfibers.

Many Colors

Rich & inviting colors hand picked by our team of designers.

Lifestyle Accessories

Our accessories connect you to the world around you without ever having to get up from your seat. Finally enjoy furniture the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


Enjoy your furniture the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


Blaze XL900

Blaze XL900

Built for Life

We’ve spared no expense to ensure our quality withstands the test of time.

Motorized Headrest

Headrest can be articulated back and forward using power buttons on inside arm switch.

Accessory Dock

The dock enables you to add accessories including tray tables, phone holder, wine holder, etc.

German Motors

Best in class motors that are quiet and smooth for the ultimate in power recline.

Italian Leather Upholstery

We source our luxurious leathers from the finest Italian tanneries.

USB Dock Power Switch

Each power switches includes either a single or dual USB docking station to power up your devices.

Kiln-Dried Hardwood Frame

With a combination of metal and kiln-dried wood, our frames will outlast ordinary furniture.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

A soothing layer of cooling gel memory foam to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

1.8 High Density Foam Core

To ensure longevity, our premium foam will provide a lifetime of blissful use.

No-Sag Sinuous Springs

Situated at the seat and back, our zig zag springs provide lasting support and seating comfort.

Individual Pocketed Coils

Placed inside the seat core, our seats will never lose their shape and provide the ultimate comfort story.

Ergonomically Designed

Our models have full lumbar and head support so you can watch movies for hours on end.

Aluminum Cupholders

Dishwasher friendly and large enough to hold most cans, glasses and cups.

Revolution XL550

Revolution XL550

Featured Models

Our models offers all the bells and whistles, elevating your seating experience to new heights.

Octane Seating Curve HR Series Luxe Black Leather

Curve HR Series

Octane Seating Flex HR Series Luxe Black Leather

Flex HR Series

Octane Seating Blaze XL900 Luxe Black Leather

Blaze XL900

Octane Seating Dream HR Series Luxe Black Leather

Dream HR Series

Flash HR Series

Nitro XL750

Octane Seating proudly produces the largest selection of dedicated home theater seating in the North American market. Outfit your home theater for fun here, and you will discover the perfect blend of comfort and style for your media room. Experience quality relaxation and the rich choice of features and design elements in our theater chairs that empower your media experience. When quality and comfort matter most, you will see that Octane theater seats lead the pack across all media chairs in this industry. Enjoy movie chairs where precision meets comfort because we stand behind our seating with extensive warranties and top-notch support – our team of experts is there far beyond the time you first see your theater furniture.

Here you will find home theater recliners with innovative features like power headrest recline, as well as our accessory dock with a wide range of fun and exciting add-ons like tray tables, wine glass holders, reading lights, tablet holders and so much more. There is an extensive choice of upholstery options in leather, fabric and bonded leathers to choose from in a rainbow array of colors. Are you ready to create a room that defines your imagination and epitomizes the themes and culture that make you ‘YOU’? Home theaters never cease to amaze us with their unique fingerprint and inspired creative ideas. Are you ready to relax?