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What are the features of the Octane Charger XS300 theater chair?


Here at Octane, we have been wanting to write a post about why we think we have made the best quality affordable theater seat on the market, for a long time.  Over the years, we have come to clearly understand that not all chairs are made equal (no surprise) and have wanted to develop an affordable theater seat that we feel proud about putting the Octane name behind.  The challenge is not as simple as you may believe.

For one, we did not want to compromise on our warranty and deliver a seat that looks great but will not live up to everyday use for a period of at least 5 years – our standard warranty period.  Most of the discount products in this category will generally not last more than 2 – 3 years with regular use.  Factors like the mechanisms and upholstery are just not built well enough to handle average usage.

Anyway, without boring you with hundreds of words of text, we decided to create this graphic of the Octane Charger – the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY THEATER CHAIR around – to explain what you get and why it packs such a punch.


Bonded Leather

Most entry-level theater chairs use a polyurethane (PU) cover on all seating surfaces but we choose premium bonded leather because of it’s real and synthetic strengths. Bonded leather is a combination of real leather and PU that is durable and easy to maintain. We did not feel the minor savings from using PU or vinyl would be worth losing the benefits of a bonded leather we know well and that has stood the test of time for years in our product line.

Pocket Coils

Pocket coils are used in the seat cushion (portion which you sit on) over just using a foam core that is found in most entry-level recliners. Pocket coils are similar to the coils one finds in a mattress where the coil support your weight and maintain their resilience significantly better than a pure foam base. Pure foam and dacron bases will eventually flatten and sink. They lose their shape over time, unlike pocket coils which don’t. See our pocket coils on this cut-away of our Nitro model.

Accessory Dock

The accessory dock included on the Charger is simply unique to us and will not be seen on 99% of other brands of recliners. This dock accommodates a wide range of proprietary accessories that Octane developed over years to deliver the ultimate comfort and movie experience. Some of these accessories are wine-glass holders (cheers!), tray tables (wood, glass, plastic), reading lights, popcorn bowls, tablet and phone holders, and so much more.

Chaise Footrest

Chaise footrests do not have any gaps in the footrest when compared to a standard recliner. Chaise footrests always deliver a superior seating and support experience because their is continuous leg support. It costs more to build due to the use of more leather and foam but it powers up the comfort and that is our number one priority.

5 Year Warranty

Not much more to say on this topic. Every recliner at this price point offers one year - Octane guarantees five years because we believe in our seating. See the warranty details here.

Wallaway Design

This means the chair can be placed within 4 inches of a wall and still recline fully. Wallaway does not exist in any other chair at this price point. The mechanism moves the seat cushion that you sit on forward when you decide to recline thereby using as little space as possible behind the chair. Place the seating close to a wall and still fully recline.

Removable Seat Backs

Why is this important? Seat backs that can be removed will ensure the seating can make it into rooms that are limited by access to attics or basements - where home theaters are commonly built. It also helps when you want to simply move your chairs between rooms without excessive extra weight.

Plush Padding

The seat back of the Charger is densely padded with foam and dacron so ensure they are plush and comfortable. Octane only uses 1.8 density foam and fiber to ensure resilience and comfort without losing shape and profile. The lower portion the back includes a separate lumbar support section that is bolstered to keep your lower back fully supported.

Chrome Finish

Although our cup holders are not made of chrome, the tops of the cupholders are finished with a chrome finish which gives it a very selective and classy look. You need to not only love the way this furniture feels but also the way it looks!

Space Saving Design

This theater seat is designed to be able to accommodate as many seats as possible in a theater room. This means the armrests are ergonomically slimmer yet the seat back is a respectable 42 inches high. Most entry-level theater chairs cleverly sacrifice costs by reducing the height of the seat back which subtracts from the comfort and support.